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New Facebook Registration Integration

I have created an app and submitted it for review with Facebook to allow easy registration to our site. This should be in effect in a few days. If it does not work for you please wait a few days then try again. This will work for existing user accounts also. If you would like to have a certain username rather than a FB_ID username then create your account first. If you don’t cant then just register with your FB account by clicking the registration button.





Sorry it is blurry I am getting tired again and not thinking.

Welcome to the New ORFW

Welcome to the new site for Ohio River Four Wheelers. Please be patient as we go through our growing pains.


Things to look forward to:

More Secure Forums Completed

Integrated Photo Album Completed

Event Planning and Registration Completed

Faster access to club information


Thank you for stopping by and come back to see us grow.

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Any questions or comments can be directed to